Churchville Presbyterian Daycare -  Churchville, MD

Our experience with Churchville Presbyterian began in 2003 .  The Church is the oldest Presbyterian Church in Maryland and they had a need to expand their daycare ministry.  We worked with the church to develop a project that included  the full renovation of their existing 5,000 sf Christian education building and a 6,000 square foot addition.  This new facility serves their needs for their daycare, Sunday school, and youth ministries.

The program for the project included:

    - Daycare classroom space for 100         children 
    - A small warming kitchen
    -Expanded office space 
    -An art/craft room
    -Youth Activity rooms
    - 3 Youth/Adult Classrooms

Our goal was to design a building that would seamless blend in with the existing historic church, while being a fun place for children to learn and grow.  On the exterior we chose traditional forms and materials to match the existing church, but on the inside we used bright colors in geometric patterns and shapes to enliven the interior environment.  

This project was completed and dedicated in the Summer  of 2004.