Sandy Hill Camp - Bunk House -  North East MD

Our relationship with Sandy Hill Camp and Conference Center began in 2002.  We worked with the owners to design a new modern prototype lodge for the aging camp.  Their goal was to design a building that would combine the capacity of four smaller cabins into a single lodge that had attached restroom facilities and a main gathering space.  Their master plan calls for 14 of these lodges to replace all of the smaller cabins.  They were also looking for a solution that would allow them to winterize some of these lodges for use in the winter by conference / retreat groups in the off season.

We worked very closely with the client to develop the final lodge design.  We propsed the use of a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP’s) structural system for the walls and roof.  This system provided several advantages over a conventionally framed structural system.

 1.  Construction time was reduced due to the prefabrication of the panels off site.
2.  By leaving the OSB panels exposed on the interior, this provided a one step installation / finishing process that shortened the construction time and provided a very durable interior wall finish.
3.  All of the lodges are insulated and consequently any of them can be winterized.

Five of these lodges have been completed to date.