Place of Peace Silo Project -  Bristol VA

Skorpa Design Studio was asked to join the planning and design team for this project for the Benedictine Sisters of VA in the fall of 2005.  The Sisters had a vision to create a “place of peace” on their existing campus.  This was to be a combination of outdoor gardens and spaces designed for prayer and meditation.

One of the main design challanges was to find a way to use two old concrete silos located on the property as a part of the project.    Upon inspection of the site and review of the other planned improvements, we proposed the idea of converting these silos to meditation chapels to complement the “outdoor cathedral” that they were trying to create.

Our design intent is to leave the silos intact, restore their original white painted finish, both inside and out, and infill the 24” vertical slot with a faceted glass window that will fill the interior w/ color.  The floor will be constructed of simple stone pavers  and rustic stone benches will be provided.

Construction of this project was completed in 2009