Israel Baptist Church -  Baltimore, MD

Israel Baptist Church - Link Building - Baltimore, MD

My experience with Israel Baptist Church began in the fall of 1999 .   During the initial stages of the project, I worked closely with the project’s Senior Design Architect, Ed Canino, to produce the schematic design for the project.  I rejoined the project two years later as Project Manager to complete the design and construction documents.  Additionally, I managed the project through bidding and construction phases.

The church’s program was ambitious.  Located in downtown Baltimore, they acquired and demolished 90 abandoned rowhouses in order to build the church.  Many of these vacant properties had become a haven for criminal activity, and this area was a blight on the community.  Now Israel Baptist Church’s new sanctuary is the focal point of a community that is coming alive again.

The project includes a new sanctuary for 1,500 people with a state of the art sound and video system.  It also included new classroom, office and other ministry space.   This building was dedicated in the Summer  of 2004.  

Skorpa Design Studio has recently been hired by the church to complete the design of their second phase of construction, a 30,000 sf building for offices, fellowship hall, choir rehersal, nursery and prayer tower.